Podle nového nařízení EU o ochraně osobních údajů (tzv. GDPR neboli General Data Protection Regulation) Vás musíme upozornit, že při vyplnění Vašeho jména, pseudonymu, přezdívky nebo nadávky, nám udělujete souhlas s jeho použitím pro tento účel. Děkujeme za pochopení a doufáme, že tento nesmyslný zákon našich (nudících se) politiků v Bruselu, bude v dohledné době zrušen.

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Hong kong minister arrested for corruption

July 15. The Chinese official website reported that the "China Daily" newspaper of Chongqing, the capital of Jiangsu province, quoted a source inside the police as saying that Jiang Zemin had been arrested for corruption and corruption investigation. In response, the website noted that in Chongqing authorities had confirmed that Jiang Zemin had been arrested on the day that he held cabinet-level meetings during the "National People's Congress" in which he did not hold a public post. It noted that Jiang was then taken to jail.

Jiang Zemin was given a public reprimand and was transferred out of office, the statement said.

Hong Kong official who defrauded bank of £800,000 paid £300,000 fine

April 24. The Hong Kong Free Press, a British-style tabloid based in Britain, reported that Hong Kong's top prosecutor had said that Hong Kong police were investigating the "diverging statements" of Robert Yiu, a Hong Kong politician and founder of the Hong Kong branch of the China Hong Kong Banking Association. Yiu admitted that in 2006 he had defrauded Hong Kong banks of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yiu told the prosecution that he had not committed any crime. He also admitted that he had been "exemplary", although "there were several mistakes" in his statements.

Yiu, who previously served as mayor of Macau, told the court that from August 2008 until his arrest on Monday, he had repeatedly asked that the accounts of three Hong Kong banks be reissued to Hong Kong accounts, and that he had used the accounts to make all kinds of illegal and fraudulent investments that were in violation of Hong Kong law.

Korea suspends China trade representative after claims he stole UK trade secrets

March 9. The United Kingdom's Foreign Office suspended its travel to Hong Kong for six months following allegations in South Korea that China's ambassador had stolen trade secrets of the UK from a group of high-ranking officials who had attended an official event. The UK, which has the most trade with China, is on a diplomatic mission to Hong Kong for six months until the election on October 3. It's not clear if the British government has moved to terminate its agreement with Chinese authorities on visa-free travel for Hong Kong.

Korea's president ordered to release all foreign national jailed in US court

January 23. Hong Kong's chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, ordered all foreign national detained in US courts, in addition to eight suspects charged in connection with a number of violent incidents in the western city, to be freed on Thursday.

US says 'not a single case of serious or violent attack' had been reported against Chinese officials

January 2

Drug dealer accused to front court

A Chicago man accused of selling crack cocaine while off the clock could face a federal crime charge after he was pulled over Saturday by police who saw a marijuana cigarette on his car.

The alleged dealer, who hasn't been identified in court, was pulled over around 10:50 p.m. in the 6500 block of East Pulaski Road in south suburban Lincoln Park on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

A short time after he was pulled over, police found 25 to 50 grams of crack cocaine in the car, according to a news release from Lincoln Park police.

Officers conducted a "controlled drug search of the vehicle," according to the release.

During a field sobriety test, a blood alcohol content was 2.4 percent, the release stated. A Breathalyzer found the driver's blood alcohol level at 0.165 percent.

The driver was taken to Northbrook Medical Center and the Chicago Police Department. His condition wasn't released.

A source said the driver, who had some outstanding charges, and his wife were both in the car when they stopped.

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